StockX, but for bongs

Legit Checks

Every single piece that is sent to us is authenticated and receives multiple deep cleans. We want each buyer to feel as though they are buying a new piece.

Safe and Secure Shipping

One of the biggest issues that faces the community are terrible shipping practices that often leave buyers with chips, cracks, or just broken pieces.

We take extreme care when shipping each piece to ensure it arrives intact and without any faults.

Accurate Pricing

Who decides what a piece is worth on PieceX? The market does. We use a combination of public API's to help us pull data on whenever glass is sold and an aggregate of bid/ask that have been matched.

Piece of Mind

Legit checks are outdated. Both buyers and sellers can be confident that there is a 0% chance of any scamming going on. This was one of the biggest issues we want to eradicate with PieceX.

Backed by the Community

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